16 December 2011

Post-It Homeschooling

I love Post-It notes.  I use them as bookmarks because they don't fall out.  I also use them for assigning work in our homeschool.  Everything that needs to be done will be written on a Post-It and Emperor can mentally go through his checklist each day. 

For some assignments, I have cut Post-Its into strips and written the words "START" and "STOP" near the top.  Emperor can use these as tabs in his book.  In our science book, this is especially useful as the assignments often begin and end midway on a page.  I can tuck the sticky note out sideways and he knows right where to begin and end.

I also keep a stack of Post-Its by my computer.  If there is a particularly blinky- or boobie-type ad on the sides of the article I'm viewing, I just pop the note on the screen and viola! It's gone.

Yes, I wrote "viola!" to be funny.  "Wahh-lah" is also a favourite.  "Your" welcome.  :p


  1. LOVE the idea of using them to cover pop ups. Thank you for that-it's priceless!!!

  2. I have a mac and one of the apps is "Stickies." I keep a cyber stickie note of my things to do on my desktop.

  3. I can't keep post-its around here. Lorelai and Grandbaby end up getting their hands on them every time. In the end, I have none, the house is plastered in them. LOL


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