10 January 2012

Catchall Drawer Post

1.  I recently heard that Barbie trashed her dream house.   This is sad, sad stuff.  I always thought Barbie wasn't nearly so perfect as she looked, but then, I also know that there really are people whose lives are almost very nearly perfect.  Poor Barbie.  Everyone keeps projecting dysfunction of every sort on that chick.  She still looks good, though.

2.  Also sad?  Republican candidates for president.  I'm starting to panic about the economy because it seems the Republicans are purposefully putting up real losers as contenders.  Call me paranoid (twitch!) but I think they really want whoever is going to be in office (coughObamacough) to take the blame for how crappy things turn out these next five years or so.  I mean, seriously.  Gingrich wasn't even all that special in the 90's.  He and Romney are just recycled semi-bland wannabes.  Behh.

3.  On a way brighter note, Emperor earned enough $5 chess coupons for winning tournaments to buy his own brand-new digital chess clock!  Oh, yeah... that's $30 I didn't have to spend.  Do not ask me what we are spending annually on this sport.  And yes, it is a sport.  (See?  Sports section.) I am logging Emperor's practices and tournaments down as PE hours.  Thanks.

4. What is uuuup with this puzzle?  I change the cut (on the left side) to 184 piece crazy and play it several times a day.  WHY?  I even got up early to do this.  I felt drawn to it.  Why couldn't I get some other obsession like cleaning or crafts or something??  I wonder.  I'm hoping I can quit soon, but then... I also never do.  As soon as I publish this, I will go back and play again.  I always find my favourite piece before starting, too.  How weird is that??   And I am developing nicknames like "New Jersey" and "Connecticut" for some of the pieces.  You would think I would think of better nicknames like "Jamie" and "Robert" but ohhh nooo... sorry...


  1. Syd would love the puzzle link, too. :)

  2. That puzzle took me 50 minutes to do the other night...

    Feeling the same way about the Republicrats that have thrown their name in the hat, but I did last election cycle too. I'll probably vote third party.

  3. Whoa! I loooove puzzles. Why'd you do that to me???


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