09 March 2012

The Cheesy Baby

Mac n' cheese.  From back in the day when we had no idea Woodjie was allergic to milk and egg.  There is a full glass of milk in the sippie, too.  He loves mac n' cheese.  A lot.
We are trying to explain allergies a little bit to Woodjie.  He will go to elementary school next year and it's just a little more than possible he'll be exposed to the evils of "friends with snacks" and "the class party" eventually.  Now Rose sees how convenient it is that Woodjie doesn't have to eat certain things and will say she is "allergic" to foods she doesn't like.  Rose has no allergies, so tough.  She cannot argue with the fact that I had her blood tested, but she can pout and go hungry every now and then.

Woodjie doesn't remember the joys of mac-n-cheese or scrambled egg.  Now he is starting to say, "I no wike at.  I lergic."  Um, no.  Are you kidding?  You LOVE this stuff, Woodjie.  It tastes really yummy.  But you can't HAVE that because you're allergic. 

"I have it... wike?"  No.  You are ALLERGIC.  You cannot have it.  Here.  Have an Oreo.

"Yay I lergic I eat a OREO!!!"

Well, ok then.


  1. Wow I almost forgot how darn GORGEOUS he was a a littlie! He's still gorgeous of course.... but bubbies make me melt.

  2. It's hard until they understand the difference between not like and allergic. My oldest grand daughter "got it" when she drank some milk accidentally at 2 1/2, with the almost instant stomach cramps and diarroeha. From then on she'd ask about any food that was offered her. Does this have milk in it?
    Woodjie had the same golden hair and blue eyes that my youngest boy had.

  3. His big blue eyes just eat me alive. What a little doll!

    I pray he 'gets' the allergy deal sooner rather than later. And that his teachers are on point when it comes to the class parties. Nothing worse than being excluded. :/

  4. When Ben was in kindergarten, we were undergoing a gluten-casein free diet. The teacher asked me to send a box of the rice krispie treats that Ben could eat so that she would have them on hand for parties/treats. I thought that was a great idea!

    It ended up we didn't continue the special diet, but for the time it was helpful. Your kids are gorgeous!


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