16 March 2012

Cult of Personality

A bad fashion warning from the 1980's not to follow our leaders without using our heads.  If we do, we'll look back years later and go, "Whyyyy was I wearing a mullet and neon green?  And jellies?  Jellies?"  Ok, I kind of miss the bleached jeans look though.  Ever do that one?  Get a really dark pair of jeans and a spray bottle of bleach.  Crumple jeans up and spray.  Let them sit for 5 minutes and wash normally.  Totally rad look.  :)


  1. I remember being in junior high and watching the seniors in the lounge spend their study hall to thread and fade their jeans with sandpaper. Ruining jeans was an art form back then! lol

  2. If I EVER fit me jeans again... I might just try that!

  3. We just had holes in our jeans and used tapestry patches. The more patches...the "cooler"...

    Cult of personality...I always wondered why Stalin was thought of as any kind of leader when he killed 30 million of his own people. I think that's the first sign that a leader is full of it, when they kill their own. Lot of that going on these days...


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