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KC Curfew Update

Some background here


Tabled for a few more weeks.  Then they'll vote on the same reheated proposal again.  If homeschoolers cause a commotion while the TV cameras are rolling, they'll table it for a few more weeks yet still.  If the newspeople lose interest, it will pass.  You just watch and see if I'm not right.

KCMO School Board Member Crispin Rea noted recently that attendance needs to improve for the district to regain accreditation with the state.   It's all about what the schools need, and he is unconcerned about people under 18 being able to move about the city freely and unmolested by police.

People under 18 don't vote anyway, so who cares what they think? 

Everyone knows parents who object to a daytime curfew, or laws that would have the EFFECT of a daytime curfew, are just out of touch with the reality of the truancy situation.  Don't they understand that city schools are losing money in the city and they want it back?  Shut up with your concerns because on paper we have exempted all homeschoolers from this law.

And we NEED a new law with some "teeth" because KCMO cut funding for attendance/truancy officers.  It's just easier to have the police do their jobs for the schools.  Cheaper for them, too. And parents who might have said FU to the schools can't say it to a pair of handcuffs and a court-ordered fine!  Finally, schools getting the power they deserve.  And the cops and the mayor and the City Council will back them up.  Just who do you think you are taking an unapproved personal day, anyway?  We tell YOU when you should have your kid in school.

America is a great country with liberty, justice, and the right to public education.  We can't have liberty and justice if the children don't get a good education!  It's important we back the city up on this proposal.

But those homeschoolers, though... they keep causing trouble.  They showed up at the last City Council meeting and were crazy enough to say things along the lines of, "people under the age of 18 should be able to enjoy the sunshine in this city without being interrogated," and, "My kids are not criminals!"

Homeschoolers are such a pain in the rear

Thankfully the mayor doesn't side with them or represent them.  The police have made it clear they don't like them and support the proposal.  Basically?  Everyone in government hates them, but they keep clogging up City Hall and running their yaps. 

When are they going to shut up?


  1. I was thinking of this law the other morning when I took my kids for a 90 minute bike ride before 10 am. We rode all over the village and I was thinking that the police driving by would be obligated to pester my kids while they were having gym class. I would be furious. Hope the homeschoolers stay on top of this!

  2. You know, it would be awesome if you guys could get as many homeschoolers as possible to show up at the next meeting where this is going to be discussed. Pick one spokesperson and nobody else Have everybody march in completely silent, and sit down. one more thing....make sure every single person is wearing a giant yellow star pinned to their shirt. If the school board is really stupid enough to ask what gold stars mean, they don't need to be there. Just my take.... Good luck!!!


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