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NEW Curriculum!

Have you already figured out what you're doing next year in your homeschool? Our local parent-educator group is having a HUGE curriculum fair in April, so it's time for me to start sorting through the stuff I have and figuring out what I want for next year:


I love Teaching Textbooks!  So I can tell you right off the bat that Algebra 2 will be purchased at the convention. This is the most expensive item on my shopping list, but Emperor is beyond me now math-wise and it's worth every penny to have the explanation to each problem handy.  Have you checked out their website or looked at a sample?  I love it so much I wholeheartedly recommend it, and no, I'm not paid/compensated for that unbiased opinion. 


For science, I have a full set of fifth-grade level ABeka teacher, test, and text books.  D bought the whole set for $3 at a local thrift store last year.  Make an X through Pluto and voila!  Updated and revised version.   I will probably buy something to go with a unit or two, something fun to do or see.  A kit or something along those lines.  I am bringing a list of the science units we are covering and an open mind!  We finished the fourth-grade level last year. 


Ugh.  I'm guessing maybe I will solve the problem of "English must be studied each year" by telling him HE can pick the curriculum and then when it's boring or hard it will be ALL. HIS. FAULT.  Oo.  Seriously considering this option.  Emperor selected his own history/social studies curriculum last year and he hasn't peeped once in complaint.  It's all done and the next level is all lined up for next year.

Ok.  Writing this out has helped me out a lot.  I will steer him to the Critical Thinking booth (because he loves those) and let him pick stuff with a consultant's help.  Woot.

Social Studies/History

I'm set.  Story of the World stuff all the way through.  I might find some fun kit or supplemental book (yes, I'm bringing a list of the units we'll be covering!) at the fair.  Emperor has enjoyed his year finishing up the Ancient World and working on Roman history. 


Not sure.  I'm going to be blunt with you; I overpurchased last year.  Not that any of you can associate.  We never even got to the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit units, so I have those to do next year still.  I really don't need much more but might get a nice reading book of some kind. 

After the conference, I'll finish reorganizing my sidebar and making posts about what we're doing next school year.


  1. Not sure what road I will take with the boy next year. 9th grade!! Cannot believe it. Tempted to unschool him again, although I will say I know he liked the solitude of using SOS. Have to think on it more. Definitely unschooling the girly again for 6th grade.

    1. Eep! High school! Eep! No clue how that all works with transcripts but guess you do by now! :)

  2. Wow. I'm exhausted after just the first (of two) sessions of the CERT class I'm teaching and can't imagine trying to plan a whole year's worth of "real" classes.

  3. Kudos to you for having a plan. I'm still struggling through this year and cannot even THINK about next year!

    Then again, I guess that's what summer is for :)

  4. We are also all done for next year :) We are going to keep using Time4Learning as our core. We also will be doing some Unit studies and the Story of the world series.

    Keri~ A mom who is Thankful for her daughter’s Fourth Grade Online Curriculum ~Loving it!~


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