04 March 2012

Our Weekend

Rose's new 'do.   I think I did a cute job.  Of course when we washed and dried her hair again, it's become apparent that there is one really LONG bit that will need to be styled again.  Meanwhile I try to be creative with it or say that she is going to grow a 1980's style "tail" on top of her head.  Remember those?  Hideous.  Glad that style is over.  :)

Elf placed FIFTH in the Lead Bank 2012 Midwest Junior Championship, K-6 division.  He's so proud.  Patrick also did well in the tournament and placed SECOND in the K-12 division. 
D says if we get too many more trophies, he will have to buy a new piano.

The trophy table at the championship.  It was a big tournament with five rounds and kids from other states as well.  So my children got to play several people they had never seen before.


  1. Oh my gosh, Rosie is so CUTE!

    (and good job to the boys)

  2. You did an incredible job with Rose's hair! VERY cute!! She has just the right shaped face to pull off that length. What a little doll. :)

    Elf, you are rocking these tournaments!

    Maybe instead of buying another piano, consider buying something more sensible to store the trophies on, like a convertible for Mom.

  3. Ha--loved Blondee's response. I was thinking about a shelf, but a convertible is good too. Love Rose's hair! Bangs are really hard to do. Congratulations to the boys--that is amazing!!!

  4. Wow! Look at all of those trophies!! How about a trophy case? I'm sure D could make one of those. :o)

    Little Rosie is getting so big! I love her demure smile. Great haircut, Mom. Reminds me of my little girl - she had her hair like that at Rosie's age. *sniff* They grow up so quickly.

  5. a 5th and a 2nd?
    Well done boys! I don't think a new piano will do for the trophies though. I think you're going to have to build a whole new room and line it floor to ceiling with shelves to hold all the trophies these boys will be bringing home.
    Rose's haircut is pretty.

  6. Wow, that's amazing! Chaz is taking a chess class in school (on Fridays) next year. He is really excited about it.


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