29 March 2012

Sale! :)

Blue Rose Pottery was having a sale.  I can't seem to stop myself from buying pottery on sale.  Hoarders will do a show on me someday and go, "This lady NEEEEDS a bigger house!  Because her pottery is awesome!"  and the primetime TV viewers will be enthralled as I describe each piece of pottery, where I bought it, a little about the history of the particular pattern, and why it's important to keep it in a *certain order* with the other pieces.  Yep.

This time I let Woodjie and Rose take a look at some of the discontinued/discounted patterns and pick some things they like on the computer screen.  Doggone it there were no cups left for Rose, so I got her a plate.  I figure a white or blue mug, or a glass, would work well with this style.  The children were thrilled.  Rose has selected the Old Fashion style and Woodjie picked Vesta.  What's really odd is that D was able to figure out which patterns the children would pick later without any help.  It was uncanny.

Here I had thought the children would pick one of the geometric/modern styles and they get all stereotypical "boy" and "girl" pattern on me.  Have to admit they are sharp, though.  I am figuring these are um, Easter presents.  Yeah, that's it.  Patrick and G are wondering where are THEIR Easter presents.  The pattern they like is a little extra-artistic.  You know, the hand-signed by the artist type Jungle Flower stuff.  Umm... one bowl in this pattern is $46.  Before shipping.  Sorry.  Can't do it.  Pick another present.
I spent some of my 31st birthday money on these little dessert plates.  Most of them I just snapped up on super-sale for a little variety around the house.  Yes, that is where the Snap Circuits usually go.  We've got to play with those some more tomorrow, come to think of it.  They are so fun!

This is the Desert Coral pattern.  Sort of a Southwestern look.  Painted in Poland. I'm sure lots of Swedish stuff is made in Nevada  to sort of balance this out.  I dunno.  It's cute though. 


  1. I love your blue pottery collection and the new pieces Rose and Woodjie selected will fit right in. How nice to eat your breakfast cereal from such pretty bowls.

  2. You have exquisite taste. I love the plates paired along the picture and then the desk and lamp...looks like something you would see in a sales catalog. You have a good eye for balance and decorating.


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