29 April 2012

Chess in Des Moines, Iowa!

Elf, Emperor and I took a trip to Des Moines with my friend and her son, who plays at the KC Chess Club with us.  Here's Emperor posing in his Spock shirt with Tournament Director Hank Anzis.  For more pictures of the tournament, click here!
The medals were specific to the event.  Apparently each event features a different world champion for personal study.  For more news about the tournaments and player standings, click here.

Elf is chatting with his opponent before the game.  Emperor really, really liked the little girl across from him.  She taught him some odd "Spock, paper, scissors" game.
Emperor took home two trophies, but had to goof off for a second before placing them in their hallowed spot on the piano.
Elf took lots of pictures of the hotel room and all the "luxury" downtown Des Moines had to offer!  And he took one of himself, too!  The hotel had glass elevators and this was just a little scary that first time for Elf.

Here, some of the children who played pose for a final photo.

One of the trophies Emperor won.  A castle on a crystal cloud.  Trophies are engraved.  Niiiice.


  1. They are really nifty trophies!

  2. Way to go Elf and Emperor! Keep up the hard work. :) Congratulations! :)

    Is that the Spock, Paper, scissors game from Big Bang Theory? If so, that is a riot. LOL!


  3. I like that cloud castle trophy, it's very pretty. Your boys are doing well. Have you planned the extra room that you're going to have to build to hold all these trophies?

  4. Congratulations!

    ...I have never played "Spock, Paper, Scissors." Intrigued... [smile]


  5. Congrats on a successful trip!

    Our two kids (Buddy Boy and Sweet Pea) both play with the chess club.

    Buddy Boy finally won his first trophy this year, which was cool. He was becoming somewhat disheartened that his younger sister consistently got trophies, while he didn't.

    And yeah, your kids' trophies are WAY cooler than the ones my kids bring home.


  6. Sounds like a good trip and congrats to the boys!! Glad you went.


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