09 April 2012

I Wisht I Was in Peoria

Whyyyy I am listening to this song over and over?  I keep thinking, wow.  Music used to be in English.  Some of the verses are even full sentences.  Sure, the song uses phrases like "five and ten-cent store-ee-a" to make things rhyme, but still.  What if Lady Gaga made a song today about something as mundane as missing the mud in Peoria?  Would it sell? Because seriously.  That's quality stuff.  If you want to really mess yourself over, though, try SINGING with it.  You think you can sing with it until you try it; it's lower than it sounds somehow.  Even stranger is the fact that there are about 50 different versions of this song on youtube.  So I am guessing this was a hit but I see no recent remakes on the 'web.  :)

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  1. Songs like this are what I taught the girly to sing when she was a toddler. :) She used to love to sing and could remember lyrics so well! She would sing, 'My Little Buttercup' and 'Under the Bamboo Tree'. :)


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