13 April 2012

Pictures of Stuff.

Mr. McBearded Bagel wishes Woodjie a happy lunch!  Woodjie said his bagel was "woddaful!"
State assessment time!  Here is an "ohplease ohplease ohplease do well on the test so we can keep our jobs!" note from Mrs. P.  Apparently Elf was balking at taking the test because "the system is evil."  I don't know where he could have ever gotten that idea from.

Emperor always wears business socks just as you see here.  He refuses to wear regular socks.  Also?  His toes can never touch the front end of the sock.  Why would you want a picture of my socks, Emperor wanted to know.  It's just my socks.

In celebration of Autism Awareness month, we bought these T-shirts to support ASAN from thinkgeek.com. 


  1. Sprinkles and peanut butter! Yum yum

  2. Nice t-shirts!
    Love the bearded bagel.
    Did Elf do okay on the test?

  3. I bet his bagel was great! Very cute! lol

    How can anyone wear socks like that? That would drive me nuts! My son wore his like that forever!

  4. I loved how he said the system was evil! hahahaha! Soooo cute.

  5. Oh, I love those shirts... Awareness yes, but acceptance and accommodations would be nice too.


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