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Congrats to Patrick!

The flower Patrick was given when he received his diploma.  Note also my new window (wasp-nest free!), trim paint job and blinds.  :)
Patrick is now a graduate of CityName North High School.  Do you know how sick I was this weekend?  I attended graduation without a camera, is how sick I've been.  I have NO pictures of Patrick in his cap and gown.  I have a cell phone shot of him in his robe somewhere in the audience, but meh.  I am glad I got to go to see him graduate rather than have D go without me and remember the camera.  You know? So I've been shaky and half-awake for days, but finally I'm able to breathe well and can speak like a raspy frog. I probably gave all my germs to the people sitting near me, but I can be assured the people near me weren't sick.  They were more than able to yell WOOOOOOOO! and be rather... exuberant.

I've been very worried about Patrick of late, but haven't been able to blog all the details.  Suffice to say that this transition to practical (rather than just legal) adulthood has been difficult for him.  He still considers becoming a bum "an option," and I'm afraid if someone doesn't give him at least a minimum wage job soon, he will wander off with his backpack and we will never see him again.

Ahh... but he got a job!  At what I'll call "Empires of Doom."  I was clear I would NOT be driving out to Empires of Doom before he even interviewed; it's too far to expect rides when I have these five other kids who have schedules and here you don't have a license to drive yourself.  He got a job there anyway and planned to walk about 2 1/2 hours per day EACH WAY.  The job entails walking around all day with ladders and light bulbs.  Climb up to the tippy tippy top of everything and change bulbs.  Minimum wage.  Oh!  Did I mention you have to bring your own tools to this dangerous job?  I wouldn't be surprised if they asked him to bring his own light bulbs while they were at it.

There was much fighting and sadness about this job.  I was so upset.  I told him if he joined the armed services, at least I would know if he died because they'd send someone out to the house.  (*sniff!*)  Was I a little dramatic?  Maybe just a tad.

It worked tho'!  Yayyyy!

That, or he took a good long look at the route he had to walk each day and some common sense prevailed.  Either way, I'm grateful.  Now he is applying online to a local business each day.  We also need to go through * and replace the driver's permit he lost.  Somehow, some "Experian" guy made up crap about how he thinks Patrick has an actual license and ratted on us to State Farm.  State Farm in turn sent us a letter detailing that they knowwww we have another driver in the house they weren't informed about.

Excuse me, but I called within three HOURS of my son receiving a permit.  And I was told that no changes would be forthcoming until he received a license.  It is a shame that these people listen to "Experian," some dude I've never met or done business with, more than the customers they've been serving for the past TWENTY FLIPPING YEARS.

Really makes me mad.  So.  It looks like we need to replace his permit and toddle over to the State Farm office and tell them to COPY the stupid permit and shut up already.  We have never been dishonest with State Farm in any way.  What is the point of having a local agent if they are going to take the word of some guy you've never met over you?  If we're going to be treated like that, why bother paying the middle man?  I should just be able to go online, punch in some numbers, and get some impersonal service when/if I need to use the insurance.

I'm glad Patrick has graduated.  It's wierd, though, seeing the other children go to school and him staying home.  It will take some adjustment for everyone.


  1. Congratulations to Patrick on his graduation from HS. A big step in life ... and I can only hope he'll quickly start thinking about college. Hanging around the house is gonna get dull fast .. especially if you ask him to do all sorts of stuff .. and a week of a minimum wage job should drive any reasonable person back to the books.

    We'll see....

    Maybe replacing the permit .. and even better .. actually getting a drivers license might provide some spark, eh?

    So sorry you have been ill. I have been laid up with my "weak" knee .. but am starting to get around a little better now. Hope you are back to full "warp" drive soon!
    Much love, the Dad

  2. Well, congrats on the graduation.

    I would tell Statefarm that based on their accusations, you are moving to another insurance agency, unless they give you an apology to make up for the stress they are causing.

    Here's to praying Patrick finds some direction.... but like Grandpa said, if he's some, you should find lotsa stuff for him to do to earn his keep.

    No free rides allowed.

    1. I meant: if he's home, you should find lotsa stuf...

  3. Congratulations, Patrick! A huge milestone in life that will no doubt serve you well. Now stay on this path of education because you do not want to be a bum, or trying to get through life with no education and minimum wage jobs. Life is hard enough without cutting off your nose to spite your face, keep going!

  4. Congratulations to Patrick and you! I think I know how much this means to you both.

    We have State Farm too. We get letters from time to time asking us if Joe and Daniel (both have permits) have their license yet. They find it hard to believe that Daniel, at nearly 20, is just now getting his permit. (Wouldn't they be shocked to know I didn't get mine until I was 27?)

    Go the license bureau and explain the situation to them. Ask them for documented proof that your son only has a permit. Take it to State Farm and stand your ground with the snotty agent behind this.

    Don't forget to complain to Experian. They obviously got their wires crossed, or else, someone out there is using Patrick's SS# to acquire credit.

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