14 May 2012

Nearly 12 MILLION People

Have watched these two young ladies 'sing' about how they "have problems too/ just like you/ except we're hot."  I thought it was so horrid and vain that it was positively brilliant self-depreciation.  D, however, saw less than a minute of it and said, "I think I've seen enough."  There is an entire series of video responses to this on YouTube including, "Gamers have problems too/ just like you/ except we're smart."  :/


  1. I lasted 15 seconds... they can't sing.

  2. I read about this WEEKS ago when I saw the Yahoo! Article and I watched the whole video. It's not THAT bad, to be honest. They did it for fun, for there friends to see. They had no idea it would grow to popular across YouTube.

    In my opinion, I think they got lucky. Getting so much attention. Everyone wants that "5 minutes of fame", right? Well I guess they got that and more...

    Anyway, I think the song is alright, but nothing I would download and listen to on my Ipod or anything like that. Just for a laugh on YouTube once.

  3. Fortunately, I am hot AND smart.... so I guess I should make my own video, eh?

    1. Make a video and I will post it, Dad. It might even go viral! :)


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