15 May 2012

Want to Live Nearby?

If you have $79,500, you can live catty-corner from me in the pretty white house. Four bedrooms. Detached garage. Porch swing. Even lot. I've been inside a long time ago and it's a nice but small place. I doubt "four bedrooms" unless they are counting a couple closets, but still, $79,500? It needs work but telling you it's a sweet deal.

But I am mad that they kicked the poor old lady who was living there out. SO WHAT if she wandered the neighbourhood and didn't know where she was pretty frequently? Live free or die, right? The third choice got made for her: nursing home. Poor lady.  And whether she leaves her stove burners on is her business.  Likely she'd be out of the house if the place caught fire anyway...

They put my neighbour Miss R in a home after she kept forgetting stuff and falling down and needing to be "looked in on" constantly. SO WHAT if she let her entire basement mildew and rot so badly they had to redo the entire interior?  Her house. Mould issues can't be nearly so bad as the cigarette smoke she ingested alllll the time. You could run your finger down the table or wall and it would come up yellow/brown.  This was one of those places you'd go into when you desperately need a bath so that your own BO can counteract some of the rancidness inside. No, really, it was indeedy pretty awful.

She was super super super thin because she would forget to eat. Or wouldn't eat ordinary foods.  D and I bought her a big box of candy bars or invited her to dinner at our place and we knew she would eat something if it was already made for her. She just wouldn't eat anything else but candy bars and donuts. But SO WHAT. Her daughters just kicked her out and gave the place to the gran'kids who tore it all up and added a new roof. And a fence. And got rid of the do-it-yourself wiring. I miss her. And the house just doesn't have as much character now.

And Miss B has been gone quite some time. SO WHAT if she only lived in the kitchen and dining areas of the house, and blocked the rest off with blankets? It's her house. Only think of all the money and/or time she saved not worrying about the rest of the place. She was (aside from being a crotchety and crabby person who liked to threaten calling City Hall about our weeds, which really weren't that bad) the quietest person you'd want to deal with.

Also, shutting off electric and stuff to the rest of the house is a great idea.  You really only need a couch, a fridge, your ashtray (meh, I guess) and a crossword puzzle book.  And some foam fruit from the 1970's covered in sequins.  Gotta have that.

Arg. Everybody keeps selling and new people moving in. The place is not so quiet any more. Used to be we were the only people under 65 on the whole street.  Now when my neighbours' kids and grandkids come to visit, I want to tell them to look out because they might be next!  :(


  1. We're not the youngest @ Happy valley anymore either.. but at least the three alarm fire problem across the street from you sounds solved. Wow

  2. I would ♥LOVE♥ to be your neighbour!

  3. Change is inevitable, huh? Life is never static.


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