07 June 2012

Prison or School? You Decide.

How would you like your kid to ride a prison bus to school?  Can you imagine anyone thinks this is a good thing?  I don't care if 75% of all inmates are high school dropouts.  What percentage of violent criminals are high school dropouts?  Because those are the people I'm scared of. 

Does the level of criminal activity actually decrease with an increase in education, or do people get better at hiding their crimes with more education/ access to CSI episodes?  Or do they just have money for a better attorney, thus not having to become an inmate at all?

Seems like a bullying form of coercion, painting a bus like that and implying that your little Greggie will get 20 to life if you let him stay home and play WarCraft or sleep in this morning.

By the way, there are now prison reviews online and you can compare your fave places to stay with the experiences of others.  Excerpt from a five star review of the Alameda County Santa Rita Jail:

"First off, you don't even need a ride here.  They pick you up from anywhere in the county.  Sometimes they even get you out of bed and bring you and its all free of charge.

"Upon arrival you will be relieves of your belt, your shoe laces or any other thing you can kill yourself with.  but don't worry, you can kill yourself with all that stuff when you get out.  You will get it all back."



  1. Just to be clear, though, it is NOT (thankfully!) a public school making the kids ride this bus. It's a group of some kind raising money for poor kids to attend private schools. Maybe they are trying to scare the funds out of people?

  2. Weird thing to do if you ask me.

  3. Ahhhh... well, I'm glad there aren't any kids actually RIDING that bus. It seems like it would be a very negative way to start your day. It also appears that it is implying that 75% of the kids in high school will go to jail. I KNOW that that is not what it says: but 75% of that bus is a prison bus. Sooo....

    1. I thought that, too! But then I thought that it's not rational etc. Glad I am not the only one.

      And here... I keep wondering, but what about the 25% of high school graduates who go to prison? What if they worded it differently and said, "25% of all prison inmates are high school graduates."

      So? Like... so what if they are or aren't?? But people don't think that way about dropouts...


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