11 June 2012

Sex Offender on School Board!

It's a distinct possibility.  Usually I say it really doesn't matter who is on the school board because the feds are going to ramrod so much junk through that the board just decides what the school colours and mascot are gonna be when the next elementary is built.  But I'll make an exception to my nonchalance in this case.

Maybe I'm just unforgiving or whatever.  It isn't like he's likely to molest bunches of kids right at the school whilst doing school board stuff, you know?  But then again... just why is someone who has trouble keeping his hands off kids running for the school board.  He can't channel those altruistic feelings into litter cleanup or serving food at a food bank?  Just why?   


  1. Yeah....let's put some peesh touching pedophile in a position to decide what is best for our kids. I think that's brilliant. Next, let's make rapists ALL become OB/GYN's, I mean they have a deep sense of what a female needs, so who better??

  2. wow... think I just met my stupid quota for the day. Going to bed now before my brain shuts down.


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