27 July 2012

Hanging Out This Afternoon

Rose is supervising Woodjie's creative process.

I'm teaching Rose "ladder checkmate."  The second queen is an upside-down rook.

I'm also in the process of teaching Rose how the knight moves.  If your knight starts on a star, he'll have to hop over to the other star.  If he starts on a smiley, he ends on a smiley.  Two up, one over.  He always winds up on the opposite colour from which he starts.  The confusing thing about it is that this is true all around where the knight starts.  In the center of the board, there are eight squares to which the knight can move.

After Rose does a chess exercise, she gets to pick out a sticker and put it on her new princess. 


  1. Neat! I think I learned chess by just getting beaten .. often and badly ! :)

  2. I've never been a fan of chess, there's just too many games and strategies involved. my memory doesn't hold such knowledge. Even checkers, which we call draughts, doesn't hold much appeal for me. I'm not a gamer at all. I don't mind the occasional game of scrabble, I played quite a lot when teaching the kids to read and spell, but if we're playing for scores, then count me out.
    I do admire those who enjoy the games and are able to master the strategies and win in tournaments.

  3. You are a good teacher!!

    And where did you find that sticker princess?? That is awesome!


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