14 September 2012

Happy Weekend!

Emperor is speeding along in this photo.  He was quite determined to learn to ride his bike today, but it didn't quite go according to plan.
Elf is in seventh grade, but hasn't mastered that whole riding about on his own thing, either.  For whatever reason, this skill is elusive to them both.
Solution:  no training wheels!  Emperor will pedal and steer, and Elf will keep his feet on the ground.  Everyone wins!
Woodjie and Rose got their little trikes out as well. 
Woodjie will get a fruit snack for each smiley face and as a bonus for getting all smileys, he'll get some computer time tonight!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Wow... now that's strange. Riding a bike just takes a little practice (and balance). The good news is that they're giving it a shot .. and i hope to hear of their success soon!

  2. I was never able to ride a bike
    the scoliosis wreaks havoc with balance
    my brothers and sister used to make fun of me
    I love that your kids work together

  3. I didn't ride a bike til I was 14. My brother picked up a big stick and told me to write it or get hit with the stick. I rode it. I never did become a decent rider though. Been thinking about getting an adult tricycle for a while.

  4. The girly took a while longer to learn to ride a bike. It's good to see them outside and trying! :)

    Good job Woodjie on all those smiley faces!!!

  5. When my kids were learning to ride I couldn't watch. I didn't want to see them fall and maybe get hurt.
    Your boys will get the hang of it, just keep trying. My sister was about 15 before she got her balance.


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