22 November 2012

Santa Delivers Presents

* * * * * * * * Oh my goodness, Santa visited me this afternoon and told me I needed toys for a Mewy Cwimmis.  I got all kinds of kisses and hugs from Santa as well.  He brought me plastic toys and letter blocks (just what I always wanted!).  D got annoyed.  "That's MY pillow!"  He's a bit concerned that the pillow will go missing or he'll discover pointy toys when he tries to go to sleep tonight. I probably encouraged this thieving behaviour by filming him as "Santa." It's all fun and games until he touches MY stuff.


  1. Santa is out and about early this year. Probably making sure he gets to everyone by Christmas Eve.

    1. Well we don't do Santa here, so I'm thinking he picked up this pretending game at school. :)

  2. I see so many similarities between Ben at that age and Woodjie. Ben had a huge vocabulary, though, as long as all you wanted was for him to name something. He couldn't answer a question besides, "What's this?", though. It's a language thing, Mrs. C., but they overcome so much. I can see his little brain clicking...

  3. Awww....so cute. Glad you got this on tape! What a doll!


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