11 December 2012

Hoarding Roaches and Poop.

Ordinarily, I'm pretty skeptical.  I mean, people will do about anything to get themselves on TV.  But I just can't believe this.  I'm just floored. 

Sure, it's entertaining.  But after about five seconds I was thinking that these children need to be removed from the home, and I mean right away.  Don't even bother to pack your bags.  Ew!

This mother has diabetes and fibromyalgia and I'm not her doctor so I'm not going to doubt it.  But downing entire two-liters of Pepsi is probably not helping.  Popping used needles into the trash pile that is her living room?  They let the children stay there?   I can't believe the Hoarders crew even for one minute sat around and didn't pick up the phone.  I think social services is evil.  But I would be calling about this, and I don't care if the children in question are 17 years 364 days old or not.  No child for even one minute should be in there.  Neither should the adults, but presumably they have some sort of choice.

The dad just left the home?  And left the children to live in that?  Because his ex needs the disability payments on the kids?  Seriously????  There are some serious family dynamic issues going on here and it isn't all the hoarding.  They need some extreme inpatient help.  While their kids are in foster care. 

It isn't often I say stuff like that but I'm serious.  I'm left wondering if this is really real but it looks like it...

I had to share this video.  So I forced Emperor and Elf to watch it with me.  They couldn't believe it.  They thought it was a fake house and pretend, right?  See, but I think it is probably real.  I can't be entirely sure.  How would they ever fix a leaky toilet or broken window or get their furnace tuned each year?  Has to be fake.  But maybe not.  You can't fake filth like that!

Another Hoarders video features this lady who saved her poop for like, two years.  Here's a spoiler (ha ha):  it ate through the floor and the walls, and the house was so disgusting and dilapidated that it was uninhabitable even after the cleanup. 

D actually toured what in retrospect I believe to be a hoarder house.  That or a couple of parents who couldn't shake a drug habit.  Something serious was going on.  Want to see pictures?  Look here and then at then at the end of each post go to "newer post" until my series has ended. 


  1. Can't click it.

    I used to own a couple of rental houses (and I managed houses a decade or so before that). Some of the most normal seeming people left behind the biggest mess. The last one was a girl in med school who had a child. I thought she was using the 2nd bedroom for the baby, but apparently she decided it would make a great garbage can. She lived there 1 year and left behind one room full of empty pizza boxes, chips bags, and soiled diapers.

    I never had aught with her, so I don't think it was malicious. The rest of the house was fine.

  2. Beverly's favorite show is How Clean Is Your House? She watches it on YouTube any time she can get to the computer...

  3. I've given up watching shows like Hoarders and how Clean Is Your House, because after every episode I'd get the urge to clean out cupboards and scrub stuff that didn't need it.
    Some people do live like that, I know a few, others live that way because they are mentally incapacitated and don't realise they should be doing things differently. My sister is one such person. Social workers visit regularly, but can't enter the house unless she invites them in, which she doesn't, they just ask "are you alright? are you eating properly?". Of course she says yes so they will go away, and that is all they (we) can do. Offers of help make her think that we think she can't cope with living on her own and she resents that.

  4. Can you believe I sat here and watched every bit of that episode! Now I feel things crawling all over me! I wanted to reach through my screen and snatch that so called mama by the neck!


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