20 January 2013

Disdain = Discrimination?

"Special needs children need to be special somewhere else."   Article.

A child with Down's Syndrome is dissed in a private conversation at a nearby table, loud enough for others to hear.  The child's mother says that this is a case of discrimination because he wasn't being loud or disruptive.  To my mind, if it's discrimination, it doesn't matter if the person in question is being loud or disruptive.  If someone from Mexico were loud and obnoxious, it isn't somehow then OK to make racial remarks, you know?

I don't think it's discrimination, though.  This child is not being discriminated against.  Perhaps a matter of words or semantics, but discrimination would be if his employer said that.  Or his teacher at school.  Not a bunch of hoo-has at a nearby table.

What I think it is, is hateful.  And unacceptable.  And a form of bullying.  And I applaud this waiter for refusing to serve the table.  The customers left and the waiter is not sure if he will be able to keep his job.  But I think it's important in a restaurant or other establishment to make sure customers feel welcome. 


  1. It's not discrimination, it's ignorance. It can be hard to tell the difference when you're the victim though. It hurts the same. It's a shame, that some people in our society are becoming more and more narcissistic.

    1. And with the wonders of the internet, they can troll anonymously, too! Woot! :/


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