27 January 2013

Normalcy Awareness Month!

Photos courtesy and by written permission of  Disability and Representation website.

Don't you just love the "My Child has AWEtism" and "Handicapped people are such inspirations!" type pics all over facebook?  Yeah.


  1. What??
    Normal people are special gifts from God?
    Ummm, aren't ALL people gifts from God?
    What the heck is "normal" anyway?
    What is normal for one may not be for another.
    Normal is just what you are used to.

    1. Ha ha! You missed the sarcasm. People with disabilities are tired of being called "inspirations" and AWEsome if they have AWEtism. That sort of patronising garbage. People mean well, but you're supposed to have a good laugh at how funny it is when it's applied to YOU. :)

  2. LOL...I liked this on FB and I like it even more on here! :)


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