08 February 2013

Dear East Coast Friends...

I hope you have all the supplies you need to weather the storm and that you are staying safe.  :)


  1. I wonder about you sometimes girl!
    It was nice of you to say my sister is beautiful... even when she clearly is not looking that good right now.
    Alcohol ... and how it affects one's face... not good.
    She is my only sister, and we DO NOT get on very well at all.
    I cannot condone half the things she has done in her life, to herself and to her children.
    But... I would be there for her if she needed me.

    1. Well, she really is pretty. And I see so much love in how you handle your family that I am sure you would do anything for your sister as well.

  2. Plenty of supplies here in my Australian home, but no storms looming on the horizon. Just clear blue skies and hot sunshine.


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