01 February 2013

Dinner Pics

 Ahhh, dinner at our house.  The children go to dinner right after their after-school baths.  Woodjie did a great job getting all his smileys in school today, so he got some pudding (see it on his face?  Lemon.) and is able to play his LeapFrog games tonight.

I gave him this Pop-Tart Hat of Happiness because... well, I'm going to recycle it anyway and he looks pretty cute in it.

Rose came home and got mad that her dad wasn't giving her her bath quickly enough (he was finishing Woodjie's at the time) and she called him a stupid, stupid dad and said she didn't love him any more.

So much for her game time tonight!  Here she is after much crying and gentle coersion to the table.  She said she doesn't love anyone, ever again.  We all told her we were sorry to hear that but we still loved her.

"NO!  Not," she pouted.  Ok then.  Later I gave her some pudding anyway and told her telling Mommy she is stupid and "no love you" hurts her feelings but she did a good job calming down.  Rose apologized and she got some kisses too.

I was just chatting with a friend today about making mealtimes pleasant and here all poopie-land broke out tonight.  Ha ha!


  1. That is a sweet custom hat the Woodjie man has! Glad the Rose pumpkin calmed down and got some snuggle time. :)

    It was great talking today! :)

    1. Yep, it's a super great hat because it is JUST the right size for little heads. Rose got one too after her hair dried a bit.

  2. Love the pop-tart hat of happiness!
    The first "I don't love you anymore" from your child always breaks your heart.


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