15 February 2013

Homeschool Personality

This kid is deathly allergic to milk and peanuts, so instead of fighting and taking away everyone's peanuts and being jerks about it, the school spends a little money and lets him come every day as a robot. 

Yep.  It's pretty neat, actually.  Only thing that really bugs me?  Is the article's statement that "Devon is outgoing and energetic, a jokester whose personality better suits him to the school experience rather than home-schooling."

My homeschooler must therefore be... what? What is the best personality for homeschoolers?   And if we find that personality amongst the public school population, can we charge the school district for a robot to bring these virtual children home?  It would be reallllly, realllly weird for shy public schoolers to be virtually scooting about their kitchens while actually sitting in the school cafeteria because the school was concerned about their missing home comforts and the influence of their siblings...



  1. I was very shy and probably not suited to school, but if I'd stayed home I wouldn't have learned a thing. Maybe. If something really, really interested me I'd probably have dived in, but wouldn't have bothered with everything else. For some shy people the social interaction of school is also more necessary. Your kids get that interaction by going places such as chess tournaments, but I wouldn't have gone anywhere except the beach and the library, both places where I could be alone.

    1. Wait, wait... the article says pretty much just the outgoing kids need to go to school and here you go saying school was good for you even though you were shy. :)


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