25 February 2013

Household Happenings.

Here's what it looks like outside right now.  That could change in a little while as we are expecting another big snowstorm.  We have stocked the fridge and are (I hope) well-prepared.  I'm hoping this will be the last snowstorm as state chess tournament comes up in March and right after that?  Another stupid hernia surgery for me.  My third.  It was a relief to hear that, actually, because my regular doctor thought I had a huuuuge tumour for a little while there.  No worries.  Just my guts falling out again.  :/
In homeschooling, Emperor has just read through Silas Marner and Conrad's Heart of Darkness.  I think he enjoyed Silas Marner much more and found the other book a bit disturbing.  His new math curriculum is all graded on the computer (sample lessons here!).  Here I am teaching him by doing absolutely nothing.  He ran into a bit of a problem because he forgot how to multiply fractions.  So then he spent today reviewing with Khan Academy.  There is no excuse not to homeschool because you don't know all the answers when the internet is out there, right?  Changing the subject, I bought this little house at the thrift store; I don't know why.  I just like it.  It is a "handpainted Delft."  I think it is a salt shaker because of the little holes in the chimney, but it sits on my windowsill.

Rose can read simple words and do matching games and easy games like Candyland.  She also helps out around the house frequently.  I found this little girl looking over my shoulder while I was watching Hoarders the other day.  She would like you all to know that garbage goes in a bag.  Poopies go in the potty!  And as she watched, she wondered, "Why is she doing that?  That's disgusting.  We don't throw trash on the ground!"
When Woodjie has the sniffles or is just not feeling himself, I will give him a "hairbow" so he can look like a little unicorn.  He will lie down with his blankie and twist his hair for a little while.  He is starting to use full sentences most of the time and can count up to 42.  He is just so cute, isn't he?


  1. I loved unicorns as a kid! Wish I had a hairbow to turn into one.

  2. Dad, your comment is in my inbox but not on my blog. I did read it, though, and I love you, too.

  3. Rose's hair is adorable!!!

    My dh in Kansas just called. It's bad out there.

    I love Khan Academy. It's a great supplement for Pamela's math. :-)

    1. It's bad out here, too. People not too far away are without power in this cold! :/

  4. So sorry you have to have another surgery. That sucks big-time. It seems like Woodgie has made a TON of progress in the last 12 months. Congrats.

  5. I will be praying for you with the upcoming surgery...and waiting for our fun phone chats! ;)

    Wow...I didn't even recognize Woodjie! lol CUTE idea!

  6. I think your snow looks lovely! Said from someone who is hot too often! lol
    Rose and Woodjie are growing up so fast!
    They are both doing so well.... they and the rest of your kids are a real credit to you and Mr D.


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