11 March 2013

*Burp!* Drink Up!

The patently unconstitutional law limiting the size of soft drink sales in some businesses was struck down by the New York Supreme Court recently.  Finally, someone with some sense is talking.

I'm not saying it's a great and healthy thing to drink an entire two-liter of pop with your meal.  But how do you know whether the customer is sharing it?  I mean, people have been known to leave restaurants with 20 pizzas, but there's no law against that.  Not to mention that some of us don't drink pop, but when we indulge, we have a whole big bunch of it and then we're happy for a good long while.

Just stay out of it, willya?  I love this idea of "keep e-coli out of my food," and appreciate the work regulators and food safety people do along that line of thought.  We actually need more funding for those unsung heroes who save lives we don't even know have been saved.  But let's stick with the immediate danger, not the "it might maybe kill you in 20 years if you eat this in extreme amounts" area of the food business.

Bloomberg has gone even further off his rocker than usual.  I think the rocker is in an entirely different wing of his house now.  He states that more people WORLDWIDE are dying from obesity-related causes than lack of food.  Look at the video.   He must be quoting a statistic from somewhere, but when you look at all the things malnutrition does to a person, you can't just say that death from being underfed can only be counted when someone physically starved to death.   Like obesity, there are a whole host of medical problems caused by lack of good nutrition.

For that matter, a common flu can and does easily kill people who are severely underweight.  And yet they "died of the flu."  True, and yet not true.

So is this post coherent?  Because I am on drugs.  I just got home from having hernia surgery.  It was no fun but result-wise I am able to walk and am not in severe pain as I had been in the past. 


  1. Yeah.. there's a lot of nanny-state in NYC.. can't smoke anywhere, no trans-fat in foods, and now this. maybe the push-back will succeed .. but I doubt it as the judge only complained the ban didn't apply to all sales of sugary drinks in all locations around the City!

    Glad you are feeling better :)

  2. Next they will be banning air, here. If you don't hear from me again, you know what happened to me.

    P.S. LOVE the title of this post. lol


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