07 March 2013

News Roundup!

Apparently a new trend amongst young men is eating ghost peppers.  One crazy kid made a video about it, even.  Have you eaten ghost peppers?  If so, whhhyyy?


I saw about 30 seconds of the "We Saw Your Boobs" song.  It was 30 seconds too many.  But really?  If you are taking off your shirt for big cash on film, are you really gonna act all surprised when some puerile boy giggles about boobies?   What really kills me is reading all the feminist websites.  They're whining that because some of the boobie scenes alluded to involve rape depictions, that the guy must be a phallocentric something something and bla bla angry bla.  (I'm paraphrasing here.)

Because yeah.  Getting paid lots of money to strip and act out a rape is an ok thing to do, but tittering about boobies (!) is not.

Everybody please put your shirt on and act like a grownup.  Thank youuuu.


Violence in the streets of Tunisia because of... the Harlem Shake.  Wow.  I know some Christians can be a bit nutty, but our fundamentalists are nowhere near as crazy as the Islamists.  Plus?  Some of the super-deluded Christians are funny to watch on TV and whatnot.  The really fundie Muslims don't give us funny quotes and also don't deal with mockery too well.  I really think they need some medication.

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  1. Aren't all guys rather, um, fascinated by their, um, phallus?

    I would also like people to put on a shirt. Seriously. I can't even let my kids watch Minute to Win it reruns because all the women dress like hoochies.

    Unless it's LL Cool J. He should wear fewer shirts.


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