11 April 2013

Monkey Magic

Tripitaka and the Magic Monkey was something I remember watching as a kid in Australia.  When I told Patrick about it (and don't ask me how this point in the conversation came up; I have no idea), he laughed and said I was making it up.

I gave him lots of detail about how they rode about on a Frito, and there is this Buddha-like lady, or well... sometimes I think it might be a man... and some monkey man running around with their other sidekick that is a pig-man.  And a cloud.  They go to different places in each episode. It's sorta like Kung-Fu, but with a smaller budget and more... odd. 

He didn't believe me. 

I forced him to google it and in fact it was a popular show and on TV all the time. So there.

I don't know why he would have doubted me.  I mean, you can't just make something like that up by the seat of your pants like that.

"I don't know about that," he said.  "I'm sure not going to doubt your creativity."

Not quite sure how to process that little comment...


  1. Patrick probably means your creativity is legendary. I agree.
    What year was that TV show? I don't remember it, but my kids might. They watched more TV than me, I was usually reading, not really paying attention to the TV.

    1. It is a 1979 show and was broadcast in the early 80's. You would know it if you saw it. I found a clip with the intro music. Does it look familiar?


  2. That's about how conversations go in my house:

    NO way!
    ~followed by apologies or a victory dance.


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