02 April 2013

Nature Question.

Here it is.  We have a cardinal in our yard.  He comes over only to our cars, never the neighbours'.  He likes to perch on our sideview mirrors and look at himself... and poop all down the sides of our vehicles.  You would not believe one little boy cardinal could make such a mess.  What do you think we can do to make him go away?


  1. The are increasingly rare birds.
    I'm sure he is just biding time until he finds a mate :)

  2. Try placing a cd on the dash, and one in the rear window. Shiny side up, they reflection usually scares birds away. Another idea that is a little more tedious would be to tie Walmart bags over the mirrors when you get out of the car for a few days...the crinkle sound and inaccesibility will make them find other places to pose and poo.

  3. Cardinal? Is he that little red speck I can just see behind the car?
    Tie something shiny and flapping onto the antenna (aerial), that usually deters birds.

  4. He likes the mirrors I guess covering them would help. Or you could trap him and release him in another area....far far away. Get your kids to design the trap, that would make it more special


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