10 May 2013

LINC Chess K-6 Division Winner!

G came in 11th in the K-12 Division and Emperor was first in K-6.  Not only did he get a great trophy, he also received a lightweight tournament chess bag and board.  See how the board rolls up and goes into the holder at the bottom?  Nifty.  Has anyone else been having trouble with blogger?  There is a reason why I haven't popped by to say hello to anyone lately.


  1. Very nice!

    Ps. I've noticed no issues with blogger.

  2. Great job!

    And yes, I have been having trouble loading pics.

  3. Congrats Emperor!! and yes I have not been able to upload pics either.. Figures when I was finally going to update :)

  4. Yeah, I've had a problem. A problem getting on the internet to come over and say hi!. Ha ha. I haven't had a problem with Blogger though. :P I use the app on my phone though so maybe that's why.


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