02 June 2013


I told Woodjie that a present was coming in the mail for him.  In a box.  And it is something he could use every day!  He guessed a puppy.  He loves his new Apollo style Polish pottery plate.  These things are very, very heavy.  They last almost forever, too.  This is Woodjie's very own.

Another view.

D was trimming a bush in our front yard today and he began to hear cheeping.  Can you see the baby cardinals inside the nest?  They are the children of the birds that keep pooping on our cars!  But D didn't have the heart to kill them.  Their eyes aren't even open yet.
G did some yard work with me today as well.  I weeded this area out and G planted the little red Knockout Rose near the mailbox.  Do you see how nicely the pink one I bought has grown over the years?


  1. Those are very pretty plates. And you have baby birds!

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  3. Your roses are marvelous~ and the adorable little boy and his brand new dish are pretty marvelous, too. :)

  4. Ohhh, those plates are pretty. Love the baby birds! So cute! Even though they are messy. :P

  5. Love your flowers! How weird is it that I had never heard of a "knock out" rose before a few days ago, and then I come on your blog and see it again? I wonder if we have them in California.


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