23 June 2013

The Social Story

Emperor's always been a little strange.  So, I'm trying to chat with him every now and then about "going to school" because we're planning to send him half-days next school year. 

Sadly, the fact that Emperor will be going into sixth grade means we had to have the "drug" talk.  What should you do if you see people using near you? 
Here, he re-enacts exactly how he would approach this strange smoking kid.  Ohmygosh, he's so deadpan that even the "nerds" in Hollywood movies cannot beat this acting.

"I'd just go up to him and act all gangsta and cool about it and go, 'Hey, Bub, I see you are smoking merry-wana.  Can I have your name, please?' And then I will tell a teacher his name."

Ohhh boy.  So now?  We've also chatted about "just stay away from those people."  Hopefully if it ever comes up, he'll remember our little talk.

Emperor has now styled his hair so that he looks "cool."
He's just so cute and sweet, but sometimes I worry about whether we are doing the right thing in sending him.  D has expressed concern that "he's gonna get his ass kicked."  I'm concerned that Emperor will get lost or take the wrong bus or that the other kids at school won't understand him.  I know I have to let him go and give this a shot, but of course I worry, too.  He's different, but not so different that he's going to get an IEP or anything like that.  :/


  1. There'll be an adjustment period, but he'll be okay. And if things eventually don't work out, at least you tried it.

  2. D is pretty funny. He'd probably be better off in a homeschool co-op. Keep that in mind in case public school doesn't work out.


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