17 July 2013

Ending Compulsory Education in Utah

State Senator Aaron Osmond proposes ending compulsory education in Utah.  He says this will lead to better behaviour from students and more respect for teachers generally.  Predictably, some commenters don't get that this won't mean mass hysteria.  Others still seem to think it will end all behaviour problems, vandalism, cats and dogs fighting, and everything else. 

I think we'll trade some problems for others, but we'd save a lot of money and allow people to make what society considers to be bad decisions as well as good ones.  Or even great ones.  Being freed from the expectations of the curriculum would inspire some great parents to do some novel things.

Please notice that at no point did he say he'd cut education funding!  He simply wants people to have a choice, real choice, in what they learn and when.

I do wonder if the federal government wouldn't get involved and stop any statewide movement to disengage from the Matrix.  It would be disguised as a civil rights or funding problem.  You watch.

Hat tip:  Joanne Jacobs.

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