05 July 2013

Woodjie Product Endorsement

I wanted to get a picture of Woodjie posing with his box and I kept getting this.

Ok, here we go.  I haven't seen Woodjie so excited about a new food in a long time.  He LOVES Raisin Bran Crunch and wants to let you know that everyone should eat it because it has no milk and no eggs and every children should have one.  Awww.  No one else seems super-excited/wanting to try this, though.  That's ok.  More for Woodjie!  You know you live with lots of autism going on when a new blog post discusses nothing but "my kid ate a new food."  :)


  1. I do love me some Raisin Bran Crunch!

    btw, thanks for commenting on my blog! Sometimes someone has to tell you you're not crazy.

    1. You are NOT crazy. The world is!

    2. I went back and read Andrea's blog because I'm nosy.

      Ya wanna know something special? New schools are being built with time out rooms. Yeah...

      Seems the more psychology enters the classroom, the more kids suffer. I remember a day when teachers were able to handle boys without ritalin, too. I don't remember anyone getting beat up, either.

      Aw, the good old days...

    3. Sad. Because the good old days weren't always that great. Now, with the extreme emphasis on standardised testing, they're going to get a lot worse... especially for boys like ours.

  2. Well good for him. I say let him eat it all on his own.


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