20 August 2013

Emperor's First Week

Emperor's assignment:  in the first paragraph, give your full name and three things you did over the summer that were "educational."  In the second paragraph, three things you are excited about at school and three things you're worried about.
$4 Wal-Mart Special. 
 Emperor loves school.  He thinks he is one of the very most popular kids in the whole school.  Everyone knows his name.  There is no one else with the name of Emperor in the whole school, so he never has to write his last name as MOM instructed.

He can't believe the instructors allow for gum-chewing.  And he's horrified that homework in maths class is "optional."  It goes against his sense of order somehow. 

His best friend's name is "Charlemagne."  He is the tallest person in the whole sixth grade.  (Emperor, apparently, is second-tallest at about 5 ft 5).  "Charlemagne" eats peanut butter sandwiches every day at school just like him.  And.  Everyone has the same very cool lunchbox MOM just bought, but theirs are different colours.  I had no idea that Wal-Mart $4 lunchboxes were the in thing!
Trying to escape the camera on first day.

I think this is what they call the "honeymoon period."  I'm ok with that, though.


  1. Good for him!! SO glad to he said he enjoys socializing!! But why the fear of starving?

    1. HE EATS SO MUCH!!! I "only" pack two sandwiches, a drink, and a snack. Not the pretty much unlimited he's used to during homeschool days.

  2. I'm glad he's enjoying school!

  3. Math homework is optional? That's just wrong.
    I'm glad he's settling in well and making friends.

  4. Two sandwiches and he's worried he will starve?? Boy must be having a growth spurt. The things he comes out with, just too funny!


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