08 August 2013

"Two Sides to Every Story"???

What the heck?  A news video clearly shows the officer running over to an unarmed woman from across the room, and punching her in the face several times while another officer held her legs.

In front of her tiny daughter!

The officer involved said he hit her because she bit his finger.  She said, yeah, she bit his finger.  While he was beating her, because she couldn't get away, and what else could she do? 

The woman says that she was beaten because she has a baby with a black man well-known to the police.  NO criminal charges were filed against the officers, and they are still on patrol.  The reason?  She bit his finger.  I mean, how dare she not just sit and take that beating?

A civil rights lawsuit is in the process of being filed.  I hope she wins, and I hope she wins big. 

Look at the video.  The toddler is horrified, screaming as they jump on her mother.  She shoplifted.  And she should go to jail.  And pay restitution.  But wow.  I just can't believe this.  From the sound of the black "family friend," police brutality is a common problem, but this just happens to be a case that's on video.

I'm just floored that the "objective" news reporter says, "Two sides to every story" to sum this one up.  Who's writing this stuff?

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