05 September 2013

We'll PAY You Not to Send Your Child to School

Imagine your local school district offering you $86,000 not to send your child to school ever again or sue for services. 

$86,000.  Your "child" is 21, and public school services can only last until he's 22.  I don't know about you, but I'd take the money and run.  This mom is standing up and saying no, it is his right to a public education, and I don't have the right to take that from him and neither does the school.  Well, good for her!  I just wouldn't be so moral, personally.  Maybe that's my bad.

But I think she's right.  Imagine if schools broadened this out a little and lots of us special needs parents got "offers" we couldn't refuse.  What if you were poor and making rent were a struggle?  Just say yes to never sending your kid to school again, and the money is yours.  I dunno, it just wouldn't make for a very just society, putting incentives out there like that.

What if the cops started bartering with citizens when it came to doing their jobs?  Just give me $50, and I won't write that ticket.  Or hey, that guy?  I know he's the loser who robbed you at gunpoint last week, but I'm gonna need $200 for "paperwork." 

I'm really really really really (really really) pro-homeschooling, but it saddens me when people are forced into it because schools act badly.  I'm not even sure if this offer is legal, but given the media coverage, it appears to be.

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