27 September 2013

What Do Librarians Do Again?

Library Director Marie Gandron publicly stated that the kid who won the Hudson Falls summer reading award for five straight years was a "hog" earlier this year.  The library adopted a new way to count awards and prizes.  But another librarian dared speak up for the kid and stated that in her opinion, awards ought be given out by merit.  Hum.  Oh, budget cut, bla bla, staff reconfiguration, whatever.  She's canned.

I could see limiting a major prize win to once per child.  Or even reconfiguring prizes.  I mean, really... who cares.  But calling a kid a "hog" for the media is uncalled for.  So is firing someone for disagreeing over a stupid library award.  Wow.


  1. I'm torn. On the one hand, no kid should be called names for excelling. Could we call this librarian a BULLY? That is what she is doing.

    On the other hand, I don't like giving our prizes because reading good books is its own reward and somehow we have lost track of that in our Frustrated, er Accelerated, Reader and test manic education system.

    1. Thank you, yes on both counts! I had thought the same thing. I also feel that way about the "spend 20 minutes each day reading" gang. Have you seen the TIMERS they have now that double as bookmarks? Just wrong.

  2. 20 minutes a day? I made my kids read for at least 2 hours. One read for exactly that... practically set a timer. The other read for 4 hours. Regardless, I heard about this story earlier, and it is terrible our society is constantly watering down accomplishments. then the wonder why kids are so lazy.


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