30 October 2013

Happy Halloween, Fattie!

Oooh, your kid is fat.  So instead of giving him a treat this Halloween when he comes to my door, I'm gonna give him a note stating y'all have really failed him as parents, the community has failed him, and by golly, you ought to ration the rest of the candy in Tubby's bucket.

Really, there are people like this out there who can be this mean.


  1. Replies
    1. Not to mention stupid. Chick is practically begging to get firebombed or something...

  2. Really? That is not nice at all.
    It is HALLOWEEN here tonight, and New Zealand families seem to be embracing this new to us event. I don't. And I will never let my kids walk onto a stranger's property and ask for lollies (sweets).

  3. I am so over people being mean to each other.

  4. I'd love to hear the follow-up story on this. She probably didn't do it after hearing the furor on the news.


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