06 October 2013

Kids Don't Know What Real Food Tastes Like

Everyone fought hard to get real beef to the students for their lunches.  None of this pink slime crap.

But the schoolkids complained that real beef wasn't perfect-looking in the middle.  Yep, that's because it didn't have caramel colouring.  It also didn't have enough taste, so the new-new and improved school burger patties now contain 26 ingredients.  Here's hoping at least one of them is beef.

It's sad.  I'm glad they're listening to the customer, but this is sad, sad stuff.  I don't think any of us can really trust what we're tasting.  This week I learnt that lots of kids actually eat beaver butt.

Oh I wish I were kidding.


  1. 26 ingredients now that's a worry.
    Merle...... ......... ..........

  2. 26 ingredients in a burger???
    My home made ones have 4:- beef, eggs, packaged stuffing mix and crushed garlic.
    They're delicious.

  3. I know... I am wondering how you could possibly make it up to 26 unless you're a chemist of some kind...

  4. Something makes me happy we don't have beavers here in New Zealand!


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