27 October 2013

October Crafts

I got a large box of old-style computer paper for absolutely free at the Surplus Exchange.  If you're in the Kansas City Metro area, you're going to want to pop by and check them out.  They're selling old office chairs and desks for incredibly cheap prices as well this week.  What I like about the paper is that it's all one continuous sheet - you know, the old kind with the holes on the side for the printer knobs to grab as it rolls through the machine - and so it lends itself to crafts like these:

Rose loves painting so much, she says she's going to be an "art-er" when she grows up.  Woodjie was a bit upset at the idea of getting his hands messy, but eventually, he was ok with it and even enjoyed it just a little bit. 

Woodjie also makes super-cute crafts at school. He wants to tell you about the little monster he made recently. His teachers are into Pinterest this year.


  1. Sweet little fellow, a bit shy I think.

    1. He's very cute and very energetic. Not very shy, but sometimes has trouble finding his words. :)

    2. Rose would make a fine artist....looks like a fine actress, too! Woodjie is doing so well with his speaking!!! It's cool to see your kids grow.

  2. Great deal on the paper! Loved to use those rolls when my kids were smaller. Great job on the project, Woodjie!!!!! :)

  3. Wow he's doing well now don't ya think! Very good speech considering how long it took him to master talking. That paper is excellent for the littlies.


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