26 November 2013

Giving Dirty Clothes to Charity

You might not want to donate stuff that doesn't work, or clothes that smell so badly that the thrift store manager spends an hour wearing a mask to sort through the stuff, only to pitch it.  (Why didn't she take just one whiff and go, "No."?)

Ummkay.  I'll spare you several paragraphs' detail about how every charity would rather have money.


  1. Dirty clothes to charity? That is SO UNACCEPTABLE. I always check over anything I'm giving to charity and replace buttons, make sure pockets are securely sewn, even making sure the item isn't stretched all out of shape. Then I wash and dry before packing it up to drop in the bin by the store. Anything stained just gets torn up and used for drying my shower or floors.

    1. Some people just don't get the "do unto others" thing, to the point where someone on the editing board thought this story was necessary. I can't imagine...


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