11 November 2013

News Roundup!

Would you like to play fetch with this puppy?

Doggie brings home severed human leg.  The 93-year-old owner freaks out and buries the leg for four days.  He doesn't want to go to jail, don'tyaknow.  Then he tells his adult child who, of course, uses a little common sense and calls the cops.  Good grief.  Now they're hunting all over for the rest of the murder victim.  Interesting sidenote:  at no point in the article does it mention that Mr. Flowers is NOT a suspect.

No converts?  No raise.  

What if churches instituted performance pay just like the big corporations?  Or what if how the congregation met certain benchmarks determined pay raises and bonuses for pastors, as students' performance does for teachers?

It's an interesting idea.  I'm sure pastors and other staff members will get upset and say they shouldn't be canned when the economy dips, or that they can't possibly be responsible for what sort of effort other people choose to put forth for the church!

Ahhhh.  Welcome to the real world, right?

Good Parents Go to McD's.

Dad said he could go anywhere to dinner except McDonald's.  Kid pitched a fit and didn't get dinner.  Now Mom is using this as evidence of his "unfit parenting" in a custody battle.  Poor Dad says he shoulda just taken the kid to McD's.  I'm sorry, this says more about the MOM's bad parenting than the dad's.  Though we don't know the "whys" of this divorce.  He might just be a manipulative jerk and this is just the icing.


  1. Eeeww over the severed leg!
    And as for the Dad... I say good on him. McD's is crap food!
    And kids only want to go there for the free kiddie gift.
    It took me years to wean Brylee and Griffin off the freakin' 'Happy Meals'!

  2. You never know what your puppy will turn up with and the local church had benchmarks to reach interesting idea, what is a good parent anyway what works one day doesn't the next.


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