04 December 2013

Homeschooling Woodjie

Rose and Woodjie begin their day by moving their magnets over and going over today's date with me.  Woodjie has been counting down the days until his birthday and can tell you that tomorrow, he will get a present! 

Woodjie struggles with penmanship.  I gave him a lot of hugs after it was over and told him that the 45-minute cryfest over this was. not. worth. it.  It might have worked in public school, but Mommy has all day and I can assure you that you cannot escape good work by pitching a tantrum.  All told, this worksheet took an hour. 


We're learning our o'clocks!  We've made our own clock and are moving the hour hand with a stick.  Believe it or not, this is the sort of thing that actually works with Woodjie.  After spending a few minutes with this, he can tell time to the hour.  And he loves to practice this with you.

Recently we took a field trip to a local business (read: we ate lunch) and would you believe they were going to throw this away?  Woodjie has a new LEGO bucket.  It's huge.  Woodjie says he needs more LEGOs and they will all fit inside.

"I heppa you!"  I kept trying to tell him I had a lot of work to do, and he kept insisting that he was going to help.  I was figuring that here's a job the kid can do, and I can retouch it later.  He did it well enough without any help, so I was impressed.

I made a mega Cyber Monday purchase.  It *just* arrived.  I bought a BrainPop subscription as well.  Every day, Woodjie and Rose can watch a short educational and do the "easy" quiz that comes with it. 


  1. I think Woodjie is doing really well with his penmanship. He is tidier than Griffin!
    I hope he has a lovely birthday tomorrow. It's his birthday here already, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOODJIE!!!

    1. Thanks, Chris! I will give him an extra hug for you. :)

  2. I can't believe how grown up he is getting. Both of them!! Their school day looks awesome. I'm glad school is going good for you.

  3. Ben hated penmanship. We used Handwriting without Tears for a few months. He did hours of homework and that was just on top of it, so we gave it up.

    How does Mister Woodjie do with reading/phonics?? .I truly believe Winnie the Pooh taught Ben how to read...http://www.amazon.com/Ready-to-Read-with-Pooh/dp/B000023VVD/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top REALLY...read my review below!!! That, and every time he got a word, we had a "train" that went around the top of his room, and each new word was a car on the train. I don't know if you can get it for Windows after 98, which is toooo bad.

    Math...well, I never figured it out, how bad Ben had it. He is dyslexic in Math...Dyscalculia...and I am so sorry I didn't work more on this. But school was so hard for him...I kinda let up in the summertime. I have no right to tell you anything!! Here I was with my special ed degree and I could not teach my son math...oy...

    1. Ohh I can get it. Thing is, I think ps teachers "let up" certain seasons of the year and NOBODY loves your kid as much as you do. So I'm gonna do my best.


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