22 December 2013

We're Iced In! So I'm Blogging.

Early Christmas presents
Someone stole Emperor's stuffed turtle at school and he was devastated.  Just when you think the worst of humanity, someone comes along and does something sweet.  The school librarian crocheted this little finger puppet stuffed turtle just for Emperor. 
Woodjie is learning to enjoy eating new foods!  He made this pizza and even (inexplicably) tried pork chops and liked them!
Rose has always wanted to go to Africa.  She says that it is the most beautiful place in the world and she wants to see it.  This Dover sticker book of an African village will have to do for now.   She was thrilled.  She loves it so much, she even got all her glitter pony stickers and stuck them in the African village, too.


  1. Early Christmas presents?? Boy, my kids would love you!! The girly has been trying to talk me into an early one....nope! Love their hats!

  2. Hooray for new foods! And Woodjie liking them! I found with my kids they were more apt to like something new if they'd had a hand in making it.
    I like the idea of glittery ponies in Africa.

  3. We just made the trek from Carolina to Kansas. Through the tornado watch and flash flood warning of Kentucky Friday night and the ice corridor from St. Louis to mid Missouri. We saw seven vehicles in very odd positions with parts flung on the ground in that section. The eased into the snowy section from mid Missouri to Kansas. The roads were pretty good the day after, except for our neighborhood. The landlord had failed to have the area ploughed and we nearly got stuck in the driveway after 1100 miles of safe driving.

  4. Merry christmas, early presents always good.
    Africa, not been myself but I know a few people who have they all agree it's a beautiful place and well worth a visit but can be dangerous. A couple I worked with spent their honeymoon there and there was a rebel uprising and they were caught in the middle of it, they were ok but a upsetting experience.


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