22 January 2014

Heroics That Didn't Have to Happen.

Super-heroic eight-year-old Tyler Doohan of East Rochester, New York, saved six people from a blaze and died trying to help his grandfather out.  He deserves to be remembered for it.  But the reality of the matter is, the owners of the trailer should be up on charges.  NO working smoke detector?  There is no excuse for that.

GO to your local fire department if you don't have the money to buy one.  They will give you a smoke detector or help you find one.  There's no reason any person should have to die in a fire for the simple reason that they didn't get enough warning to get out.  The fire chief is quoted as saying that if the trailer had working smoke detectors, there would have been enough time for everyone to get out alive.

Really.  Just call the fire department.  Ask them.  Please.  This little boy didn't have to die, and that family is going to have to live with the guilt forever.


  1. That's so sad. Were the people living in the trailer not the owners?
    Then the owners need to be charged.

    1. Looks like he was visiting relatives in the trailer but whether it was a rental or not, I'm not sure. Still, common sense. LOOK for a working smoke detector when you move in. :/


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