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"This is What Goes on in New York."

Commenters are saying that the person videoing this interaction was the instigator.  Um.  No.  Kid was stealing.  He told the mom.  Maybe it wasn't "nice" to video the whole thing and show it to the world.  But he's right.  The mom has no control over her children and no control over herself.  In her defense, though, she did at least try to get the kid to stop stealing the grapes and acting like a nuisance. What do you think happened to the mom and the children in this video? (Language warning.)


  1. Probably nothing. I took my kids to a Hy-Vee in Cedar Rapids and while I was waiting in line these 2 kids walked in with empty bags, loaded them up with Little Debbies at the register and walked out. They did this three times in front of the security guard. Then this guy comes in holding his kid by the scruff of the neck whacking him on the head saying 'I'll teach you to respect me!' with each whack. The security guard walked right up to him and said 'Sir. You have to take that outside.' while the kids came back for Little Debbie's 4

    1. Oh my gosh... can you imagine how they behave alone in private??

      We have Hy-Vee stores here, too. The name reminds me of a rash every time I hear it... and I've been here about 16 years or so.

  2. I've seen grown men stand and openly eat in the produce and the bulk candy aisles. Strangely, some think that is the perfect place to 'wait' for their wife/gf/partner/idiot friend who claims them, while they shop.
    If I were the mother, I'd be upset with the children, but even more creeped out by the weirdo making a 5 minute video of a child in a store.

    1. The boy seemed to recognize he was being filmed. It looks like the man filming this held his cell or whatever at a strange angle whilst he was talking to her. She might not have realized she was being recorded.

      Often the store WILL let you have a sample from the deli or produce section if you ask. And the Brach's candy stand has a little box to put quarters in so you can pick your own sample.

  3. I've seen sampling in the supermarket, often the staff will peel fruit and allow sampling when the start of a fruits season but this was stealing and mum's reaction was just as bad.

  4. I saw a lot of that (stealing) when I worked checkout. People would walk around eating a bag of grapes or strawberries, then at the checkout the bag would be almost empty so they'd pay for the small weight left or simply say they changed their mind and didn't want the fruit now. I did once have a mum come to me with an apple and ask me to charge for it twice because her kid was eating the other one. That mum's behaviour is bad though so it's no surprise the kids don't know better. She hasn't taught them well.

    1. Our local Hy-Vee does not care if you eat the packaged food in the store IF you are sure to buy the whole package when you check out. Sometimes Moms with hungry kids will give the child something to eat in the store from a package of crackers or whatever. And our grocery offers one free cookie per visit for each child under 12. (Some parents don't want their kids to have all that sugar, however.) Used to be you could get a free balloon as well but I haven't seen kids with those in a while.

  5. That is REALLY DISTURBING. First ... the child displays NO RESPECT towards his mother. This so so wrong. Both children then continue to show her disrespect and derision during her scuffle with the man... SO WRONG.
    One can only presume they are mirroring behaviour they have seen/learnt in their home?
    Second... she could have handled the situation so much better... as an adult she should have never let it spiral out of control like that.
    Yes the child was stealing in the broad sense... and he was at an age that he knew that.
    But, clearly the mother has NO CONTROL, so he can do what he wants.

    The person videoing the whole thing is not a nice person either though. Yes he was right to bring the mother's attention to what her child was doing, but to carry on taping the interaction was a bit off. It wasn't necessary. Who was benefitting from watching that?

    1. I am guessing from his channel that he is financially benefiting from showing videos like this and/or finding interesting things for people to watch. I don't think this was staged though. I think this is one of those things that you don't get involved in a family scuffle. I suppose I'm almost as guilty, having reposted it... but then again, it's all done in a public place and hardly an "emergency" situation (photographing half-naked people fleeing a burning house).

  6. I've seen all kinds in all kinds of cities of people eating full meals in the grocery store and not paying for it. That's why groceries are so expensive. As for the behavior, she has not control over her kids, and should not be raising them. They have no respect for her.... throwing her wig? Wow. The main problem is see too many times is parents waiting for kids to get their height to correct them... game over. Get the kids under control when they are small, or you are in trouble... they will be bigger then you before you know it.

    1. I have a LOT of trouble "controlling" my autistic kiddo... but tellya what... nothing like this. I think you'd almost have to work to have a kid act this rotten.


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