05 February 2014

"Bring Your Own Device" to the Classroom. Unfair?

Before we pulled Woodjie out of public school, they were beginning to institute a program whereby children could bring their own devices (Ipads, laptops, whatever) into school and use them.  They just weren't going to be responsible when the kid breaks or loses the device, or it gets stolen.

I don't have enough money to give a six-year-old an Ipad just for school.  Maybe that's because I'm low class and don't care about education.  Or because I'm stupid and don't understand the importance of technology in the 21st century.  Maybe I'm just cheap and know that if I'm gonna have a cow over my kid missing his $24 lunchbox on the first day he used it, that I would probably get a little bit upset about a $1000 device.  As you might guess, my kid never got an Ipad, but that was sort of the least of our worries anyway (long story). 

I'm still not really sure how I feel about it all.  On the one hand, if you can afford fancy tutoring for your kid at $ylvan Learning Center, and a vacation to Spain because your child cracked a C in Spanish class, it shouldn't really concern me and if I'm jealous, it's my problem.  On the other hand, it seems that all the kids with technically inept or poor parents seem to be missing out on using the devices during school time.  

Then again, wouldn't devices be a huge distraction?  Maybe it's a good thing and the achievement gap will close because kids like Rupert will be playing Angry Birds while the rest of us learn long division.


  1. I don't think school is the place for these items. Too much chance of loss or breakage and who can afford to keep replacing them?

  2. Kids are so addicted to screens that school should be an oasis from the overload of technology, except for classes that explicitly teach it.


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