14 February 2014

I Think There Is A Story Behind This.

Speaking of hair, Rose recently used my scissors to give herself a trim!
Emperor informed me yesterday that it is statistically more likely for breakups to occur before Valentine's Day than it is for new relationships to form.  And incidentally, he certainly sees this whole holiday as a way for people to get greedy, or sad if they don't get what they want.  And for businesses to derive income. 

Awww.  Poor little kid feels left out, I'm thinking.

Well, I told him, don't you worry.  Someday when you are older, Mom will set you up with a nice girl.  She will be soooo pretty and have beautiful red hair.

"Ohhhhhhh no," he told me.  "You're not setting me up.  I will find my own girlfriend.  And she will most certainly not have red hair.  And she absolutely most certainly will not have curly red hair.  The girls I know with curly red hair are (raises eyebrow) not very nice girls at all.  That is all I am going to say on this matter."

Well.  Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Emperor!  Mwaah!


  1. Oddly enough, as a child, my son always like the red haired girl in any school he attended. None of them were very nice, his current partner (he's 39) is red haired and they've had some fights for sure, a very rocky relationship, yet they are still together, probably because of the kids.

  2. Good to know he is already sure about what sort of girlfriend he wants! Very cute kid he is.


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